About me

Ben Hogan’s Journey

It was 2007 and Steve Jobs announced the launch of the iPhone and being a bit of an Apple ‘FanBoy’ Ben made sure he was in London on launch day getting his hands on this new device and my goodnesses Ben was so… disappointed it did half what he wanted, it was crap and Ben gave it away.. THE END

2008 came along and Apple launched the App Store and for Ben this was a game changer, He was so excited at the potential this App Store had and he spent every spare hour he had learning, coding and putting apps in the App Store and continued to do this for 3 years solid.

Ben Hogan’s journey into the mobile app industry started in 2011 when he decided to give up his well paid 9-5 job and enter a TV show on the BBC called “Be Your Own Boss

What happened next I hear you ask!

Sit back and get comfy, Ben was driving home from a long day at his 9-5 and as per usual Ben had Radio 1 on and was stuck in traffic. He was listening to Greg James doing an interview with the Innocent Drinks Co-Founder Richard Reed about his new TV show on the BBC called “Be Your Own Boss”

Richard had a a pot of cash and was looking for people with business ideas to invest in, this concept had Ben Hogan’s name all over it and he signed up.

Ben ended up getting to the final of the TV show and getting 5 minutes of fame on TV (He was even recognised in Tescos once).

Ben’s mobile app agency was born and in just 5 years the company grew to over 40 full-time staff, had number 1 apps in over 140 countries, a myriad of awards including best fitness app and his work featured by Apple & Google most days.

“Sometimes Life hits in you the head like a brick”

It was late 2015, Bens marriage had broken down, he decided to move out of my family home and stay in a local hotel, he took time away from the business and he suffered with mental health, he struggled to face people and often broke down in tears. 

After a few months like this Ben’s business partner & “best friend” had enough and got together with the investors and voted Ben out of his own company, yep Ben Hogan was fired from my own company. 

“It’s a Marathon not a sprint”

This hit Ben hard and he gave up on everything, he become very ill and suffered from panic attacks and anxiety for around 2 years.  During this time he also lost my father but the last few hours he spent with him gave Ben the kick up the arse he needed to get himself better and back on his feet. 

To keep his mind sharp and reduce the anxiety he started to run, Ben loved it, in-fact he loved it so much he ended up running a number of races including the London Marathon and felt back in charge of his mind again, his passion had come back and he was buzzing with ideas and excitement. 

Ben focused his time on doing some mobile app consultant work for just over a year to ensure bills are paid and he could plan what he wanted to do and how he wanted to do it, Ben started reading again and listening to podcasts ( shout out to Mills from Us Two ) he really helped him get through all this. 

The next chapter

So it is 2020 and after a strange few months with lockdown nearly over. Feeling more passionate about the mobile app industry than ever before, He feels stronger mentally, fitter and focused. He has made some great choices and lots of mistakes but the last few years he can now look back and learn from those, He don’t regret anything and is totally focused on moving forward and building great mobile products for individuals, start-ups and large brands all over the world. ​

This is Ben’s story so far and he is super excited to experience loads more chapters. Thank you for reading and please feel free to email him at hello@benhogan.co.uk even if you just want to say Hi.