When talking to people about App development, the most common phrase I hear is ‘I have a killer app idea, but I don’t know how to start making it a reality.’ 

The process to get your app live on the store is a lengthy one, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Here I’ve written down each step you should take, in order to make your app idea into reality

1 – Write Down your Feature List

To ensure you get your idea you need to have a vision of what you want to achieve. A features list helps you to outline this vision. First, write down everything that comes to mind. From there you can focus in on your ideas in order to analyse and refine them. At this stage don’t be afraid to change your ideas, or ask people you trust for advice. 

2 – Complete Market Research

Next it’s time to complete some research into your competitors and the market in general. First, identify who would use your app and who the audience would be for your product. Once you identify some demographics about the audience, you can find out what people from these demographics prefer or like.

Next, look at what your competitors are doing. What’s working for them, and what’s not working in their favor? Then use these pros and cons to form the basis of your USP (unique selling point). Remember, after doing your market research make sure you go back to your features list and update it. 

3 – Reach out to Freelancers and Agencies 

Next it’s time to find a developer that can make it happen. You may choose to enlist the help of a freelancer, or you may prefer a mobile app development agency. If you’re new to app development it’s worth reaching out to both parties before deciding who to partner with. Ask them about their process, quote and have a look at their portfolio to get a good idea of who they are. 

Note: Make sure that any third party you share your features list with has signed an NDA, so your idea doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. 

4 – Complete The UI/UX 

Once you have hired the mobile app developers, you should work with them to create the UI/UX of the app. First they will create the detailed wireframe of the application so that you can visualize each screen, function and flow of the application. After review, you can then decide to add or remove features. Try not to make too many changes. They are expensive to manage, and your features list should always remain close to the final product. 

5 – Get The App Developed And Tested 

Once you have confirmed step 4, your developer will get to work. They should send you the app in progress at various stages, for you to give feedback on. If you chose to go with a freelancer you will have a very detailed role to play in the final testing, as the project manager. An agency will ask you to test each stage, but will also have a testing team available to them. 

6 – You’re Ready to Launch! 

Once you’re happy your app is ready to be launched on the store. Marketing your app is a whole different ball game to development – and will be covered in my next blog! 

If you’re ready to make your App idea a reality – then book in a free consultation call with me! 

How to Transform your Mobile App Idea into Reality

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